Why We Should NOT ‘Stay Out of Politics’

Let’s face it, we are in the midst of political polarization and divisiveness in America. During the presidential election, I noticed a rise in political consciousness/involvement amongst my generation. The election was far more than who would take office; instead, it would become the forerunner of the future state of our society.

Since then, there has been a media frenzy! TV coverage seems to be virtually continuous, social media posts are endless, and in short, it is nearly impossible to ignore our nation’s climate. Every few weeks or so we hear yet another news report of racist bigotry and hate crimes committed throughout the U.S. We are alerted when the President tweets his latest thought, when he fires a member of his administration, or when he denigrates a certain group of people… it’s EXHAUSTING to say the least.

I know a lot of us have stopped checking the news, purposefully avoided social media, or shut down when politics are mentioned. And although it may seem easiest and most comfortable to do this, we CAN NOT turn the other cheek to what is going on!! This everyday negligence is dangerous! We CAN NOT afford to “stay out of politics” because this is OUR future on the line.

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Most of us are so fortunate to have the choice to not get involved, but this disinterest needs to be shifted. This past weekend, many Millennials were marching with tiki torches in hand at the White Nationalists rally. This hateful ideology was shared among individuals our age!

So don’t think for a minute, that we are powerless to what has transpired. It is our duty and responsibility as Millennials to speak up, stand up, and show up, in opposition to such hate and backwardness. As Obama quoted on his final address to Armed Forces:

“Remember what that flag stands for. For we depend on you, the heirs to that legacy, our men and women in uniform, and the citizens who support you, to carry forward what is best in us. That commitment to a common creed. The confidence that right makes might. Not the other way around. That’s how we can sustain this long struggle.”

Talking politics should no longer be taboo. This is the time you and I should be talking about our sentiments toward the current state of our nation. If you don’t know about something, ask. Educate yourself. Acknowledge what is happening. Engage with your peers. Share videos/spark discussion on social media. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP! Remember, silence and ignorance is complacency. We have the ability to use our voice and platform to bring the better good of society to the forefront.


How to survive Coachella sans Party Favors

 If you’re a Millennial, chances are, you’ve attended some sort of music festival. And if you haven’t, you should, because they are basically euphoric wonderlands. Although, the cost of an event adds up, you can not put a price tag on complete and utter happiness, boo! I’ve legit cried happy tears in the middle of sets (I know, dramatic.) But honestly, aside from traveling, festivals are where I’ve felt the most alive. There is this indescribable rush of adrenaline that takes over your body and you just become one with the crowd and the music.

This topic may be taboo to some, but I’ve heard time and time again that people only enjoy festival culture because of the party favors, (look it up on Urban Dictionary if you don’t get the reference) but that’s not always the case.

I’ve chosen to abstain from the goodies, because I tweak TF out on just caffeine…so to prevent any hot messes, I’d rather not indulge. Alls to say, you can still have goood vibezzz, sober-ishhh.

Sober at a music festival…WHATTT, you don’t say? Welllllll, not exactly. The pregame and beer gardens keep me going. Your girl just gotta’ stay hydrated (you know what I’m shhhaying) and she good! Oh, and lots of sleep & water.

Although I don’t think that drugs define festival culture, I do believe, there is this societal pressure to dabble. But as with all things, to each his own and if it works for you, God bless! But all I’m saying is it can be done without it and my experiences have been just as magical 🙂

Either way, it is undeniable how infectious the good vibes are. I’ve literally met some of my closest friends at festivals. I mean, there are hundreds of thousands of people, together in one place, all looking to get litty. Whether you’re about to pass out or sober Sally, you are guaranteed an experience of a lifetime. I know I can’t wait to be frolicking around in the desert!