Hai (:

My entire life I’ve heard, “girl, you are too much,” but I’ve always taken that as a compliment, ha! I prefer to keep my days filled with memes and chisme (aka gossip) – it doesn’t matter whose, I mean, often times it’s my own, but I eat it ALL up. I’ve reached a pivotal point of smothering my pup to where he no longer likes to cuddle. I’m apart of several group threads where screenshots are the glue that keeps the conversations together, I’m a “wanderlust” even though I have only traveled abroad once, and I am a firm believer in working out 5x a week but eating like crap for 6. Basically, I ride first class on the “Extra” Express.

Ever since pre-K, I’ve had this obsession with Hollywood, the fame, the buzz. What it must be like to live this life of prestige. Will I ever know that feeling? I’d fucking hope so, but until then…this is me trying to figure out this whole “adulting” thing (*can I get a Hallelujahhhh?!*) Enjoy fam! XO – Jasmin