Ballin’ on a Budget: Souplantation Edition

If there is one thing I’m most passionate about, it would be food :p There are a plethora of trendy restaurants and eateries around every corner, here in LA. We have hot-spots like, The Nice Guy, Nobu, Fig & Olive, etc., where we can unwind over a dish & cocktail. However, when I’m hit with that bill, it hurts. I’m all for being bougie for a night or two, because #treatyoself… but mama just ain’t got it like that. Most importantly, I eat like a dude, so having a smaller portioned dish, sometimes just does not cut it for me.

If you’ve ever wondered what heaven looks like, welcome! This is Souplantation.


It literally fulfills to end goals: 1) Your options are salads and soups aka healthy shit- so you’ll feel better about your self 2) Its a buffet, so pig tf out.

If that doesn’t convince you, become a member and you’ll receive coupons for every single visit! Lunch w/ beverage is $9.99 (hellerr) and dinner w/ beverage is $11.99 (yasss.) &  THEY HAVE HORCHATA!


So, I always go in with a game plan. Build one massive salad and fill a second plate with only celery & carrots. I navigate my way through the bar and head to the soups. I pour to the rim, two bowls of Chicken Noodle.


I’ll grab one piece of cornbread/focaccia and finally, feastttt.

This chicken noodle is by far the best chicken noodle I have ever tried, but it’s literally just chicken and noodles. So here is where I will add in the celery and carrots from the salad bar, with pepper to taste.


Fast forward 30 mins, and I literally am bursting at the seams, like uncomfortably full yet pleased and almost proud I went through so much food for 10 bucks! Guarantee, if you’ve eaten here, you know what feeling I’m talking about.

Do yourself a favor, grab some hungry homies and check this place out! It’s a great alternative to Tender Greens, Whole Foods, or Urth Caffe but at a fraction of the cost! 🙂


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