The Significance of Turning 24?

As a youngin’, there is this inherent craving to be grown, yet, as an adult, there’s this yearning to be a kid again. At 17, I couldn’t wait to go off to college and move away from home. At 20, I could not wait to legally party.

Ohhhh! To be 20 again… living off that good ol’ financial aid, sitting on another two years before the real world.

At 22, I was ready to graduate and begin my career (LOL.)

Postgrad to me:

Image result for oh no baby meme

Postgrad is tough mannn, it’s kind of like a state of contradictions…

Image result for twitter meme I am the backbone of this family, I live alone but still

 For example:

Sick and need to go to Dr’s but too lazy to make the appointment.

Treat yo’ self to Chipotle but can’t afford guac.

Kinda want to maintain your social life…kinda want to stay in bed all weekend.

Always tired in the morning, yet runs through five Netflix episodes before bed.

Feeling #blessed just to be alive, but also #stressed

Most importantly, being told that… (click the link, press play)

When I was younger, I thought I had it all planned out. Graduated by 22, married by 24, a mom by 25, and a career in Hollywood by 26 (lets just take a moment…HAHAHAH.) Just a few days shy of 24, and I can hardly manage to do my laundry without losing a sock. So 24? What does this mean? Not too sure….

Am I where I expected to be?


BUT…I’m trying my freaking best, and that’s all we can do, right? Here’s to another year of “adulting” AKA trying to get my shit together 😛

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